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Dear employees,

we keep our word from the last newsletter and bring you the last issue of this year's newsletter before Christmas. The upcoming holidays and the end of the year are a time of thanksgiving and reflection, so we open this newsletter with a Christmas wish from Rector Martin Procházka, which you can read on the Journal.  We also send you the university's PF and two tips if you are looking for last-minute gifts. Both UPoint and the Bookshop at Zbrojnice are open on Thursday 23.

Great interest in vaccination in the rector's office
The building where the Rector's Office of our University has been located since 1946 dates back to the beginning of the 18th century. Previously, it served as the residence of the provost of the Olomouc chapter (in Czech). However, in this year's pre-Christmas period, it was turned into a vaccination site for the first time in its history – 70 students and employees of UP took the opportunity to be vaccinated against coronavirus directly in the Rector's office. Moreover, the Rector, Martin Procházka, and the Vice-Rector for Communication and Student Affairs, Vít Procházka, who are also doctors at the Olomouc University Hospital, provided expert medical supervision. As the new dates for the first week of January in the booking form are filling up quickly, we are tentatively planning more for the summer semester. You can read more in the University Journal article (in Czech).

Invite students to evaluate courses
In the pre-Christmas newsletter, we traditionally invite students to evaluate their courses in the past semester. We would therefore like to ask for your cooperation in spreading awareness about evaluations. Please ask your students to participate in the evaluations. However, in order for the evaluation to be objective, we need to get feedback from as many students as possible. It is good to point out that evaluations are truly anonymous and that students need not be afraid to express praise or constructive and fair comments. The opportunity for student evaluations on eval.upol.cz will close on 14 February 2022.

Pre-Christmas issue of the UP Strategy and Quality Office newsletter
In the fourth issue of this newsletter (in Czech) this year, you will find, in addition to the current position of UP in international rankings, information about the evaluation of academic staff or about the development and subsidy programmes of the Ministry of Education and Science. The theme of the issue is external relations, specifically cooperation with the Olomouc Region. You can read the newsletter here (in Czech).

Go abroad with the Aurora Alliance
Palacký University's membership in the Aurora Alliance brings many opportunities not only for the university as a whole, but also for individuals. In addition to seminars and various projects, it also offers international mobility. All staff members now have the opportunity to travel for one week to one of the partner universities. The first mobility will be possible between 1 March and 31 August 2022, with the deadline for applications set for 31 January 2022. Details are on the website of the international department (in Czech). 

In the meantime, don't miss the webinar series, which is created to raise awareness about Open Educational Resources and their benefits for Aurora universities. It is aimed at academic staff and students. In the webinars, the motto “content is king” will emphasize the importance of free access to content and benefits and conditions of the creation and provision of learning materials. Grab this opportunity to learn more about Open Educational Resources. The programme and the link to Zoom can be found on the Aurora at UP website.

Neuron expedition attracts to field research
Come with your field research to continue the glorious era of travellers Zikmund and Hanzelka in the next Neuron Expedition. In the past, scientists have explored glaciers in the tropics, discovered the king snipe and the uakari monkey, or searched for the Congo crocodile – the destinations of future expeditions are yours for the taking. The Neuron Foundation's Science Grant Challenge has up to CZK 1,000,000 ready for field research, regardless of discipline. The grant is open to scientists residing in the Czech Republic, but the research can take place anywhere in the world. NF Neuron is ready to cover everything from airfare to equipment to expedition processing costs. The deadline for grant applications is 31 January. For more information, see the article in the UP Journal (in Czech) or on the fund's website.